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Midnight Wire’s launch show in 2011.  Review.

Read about Leicester-born jazz musician Henry Lowther.

Our pick of the arts from 2013.

Literature, authors and writers from 2011.

The history of Leicester’s music.

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23rd November 2019

We look back at some of the highlights of Leicester’s art world in 2013.

20th November 2018

History of Music in Leicester

We publish an article originally published on Music in Leicester magazine.

It concerns the series of articles about the history of Leicester’s music.

18th October

Work continues to add new content to this blog. Today we have updated the page

Music in Leicester which deals with the music-related content of the old magazine.

Artsin Leicester music section home page.

16th October 2018

Music section

A new section has been started to contain material about music in Leicester. This will also contain all the material about the History of Music in Leicester (as published in the old magazine.)


11th October 2018

Our domain name artsinleicester.co.uk is now mapped to this website.

Work commences today to add new material to the site.

12th October 2017

Work is underway to migrate the articles from the archive to this website. It is a somewhat slow process because all the original files were written in HTML code and have to be reformulated to be suitable for WordPress.

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Cosmopolitan festival 2016.

Lord of the Flies review, Curve, 2016.

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