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29th November 2020

Today I am making amendments to this page.

8th October 2018

alphabetical index of pages and posts on this website3

2011. Writers and literature of Leicester (archive page)


Aakash Odedra, “Echoes and I Imagine”, 2015

About this website

American Idiot theatre review 2016.

Architecture section.

Art Education in Leicester, history of.

Arts in 2013, The

Band Promotion, 2009.

Bands of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Blood Brothers review 2014.

Books and poetry in 2011.

City of the future.

City of Gods.

Contact (how to contact the publishers of this website)

Cosmopolitan carnival 2016.

Curating the old content.

Dance in Leicester.

Frontpage of the magazine in 2013.

Halls and hotels.

Historic buildings from Roman times to 1800.

History of popular music in Leicester (home page).

The king is laid to rest (RichardIII internment) 2015.

King Richard III.

Literature in Leicester, 2011 (Archive page)

Lords of the Flies review 2016

Michael Barker, Leicester artist 2015.

Midnight Wire, Leicester band, review of launch gig in 2011.

The modern architecture of Leicester.

Music. The home page of the music section.

New bands starting up, 2014

New tracks from Leicester bands

Our Day Out theatre review 2016.

Pinafore theatre review 2016.

Rent (the musical) theatre review 2014.

Singers of 2011.

The site started (about when the website began)

Author: Writer Trevor

Trevor Locke is a novelist and journalist and former editor of Arts in Leicester magazine

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