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16th October 2018

This section will contain articles written about music in the city of Leicester and county of Leicestershire (in the UK.)  This material was previously published in the old Arts in Leicester magazine.

There will also be a series of postings about the History of Music in Leicester. This was an ambitious project to plot popular music in the city from Roman times to the present day (2016)

Music on Arts in Leicester magazine

Music formed an important part of the art coverage of the magazine, ever since it started in 2005. Most of the music covered was rock and pop although we did sometimes also review classical music. Towards the end of the magazine’s period of publication, over half the entire content was about music. It was for that reason we decided to split the music content off to a separate website – which still exists – Music in Leicester.

This is what the home page of the music section looked like in 2012.  (requires a PDF reader.)

Music section home page

(NB. Even if your browser does show the links in this PDF, please DO NOT click on them because they are no longer valid. The PDF is an archive document from 2012.)

As you will see from the image, there were many genres of music, each of which had its own landing page, and these were indicated by logos.

Look at the boxes outlined in red borders. They list pretty much all of the pages in the music section.

The art website also set out to list every known band in Leicester and Leicestershire that existed at the time. Over 400 working bands had been identified (within the area) from 2012 to 2013. Many of them also had their own pages on the website. If any band performed in the city or county, the chances are that the arts magazine reviewed them.

A note about method

The problem facing me in compiling this archive is that the original Arts in Leicester website had written in HTML code. That means it cannot simply be copied to this WordPress blog either as a whole or in part. At present, the only method I can find of replicating pages is to print PDF files of them. It was much later in the magazine’s existence, that it was converted to the WordPress CMS format.

Articles forming part of the Music Section of this magazine

The problem of starting a new band.

New tracks and records from Leicester bands in 2011.

Leicester rock bands of 2013.

See also:

The home page of the History of Music in Leicester.


Archive of pages concerned with dance and dancing

Dance in Leicester for 2012 and 2013

This is the home page for the dance section

This page is all about the art of dance and dancing and dancers in Leicester and the East Midlands.

The link below opens a PDF file in a new browser window

Dance in Leicester 2012 and 2013

This page reports on various forms of dance in Leicester in 2012 and 2013

The PDF document will show links but few of these will be likely to work.

News about dance from 2010 (requires a PDF reader. Links are no longer valid)

Dance and dancers in Leicester 2010

News about dance from 2011

News about dance in Leicester for 2011

See also:

Music home page.



Curating this magazine

11th October 2018

This website is about curating the past. When I closed down Arts in Leicester magazine, I must have thought something like ‘been there. Done that.’

Some three years later I looked back at my work, the hundreds of articles I wrote for my arts magazine. I thought about the value of some of that work and its loss to the Internet. The wider public.

That is why I started this website. Why I have been collecting and putting back, online, some of the articles originally published on the Arts in Leicester site.

Many of those articles were part of my corpus de litterarum operibus. The body of literature that represents my life’s work, as an author. Now that this site is fully active I am working through the archives of the old magazine, looking for articles that have not yet been uploaded.

Trevor Locke


Contents index to this website

Please note

Because this is an archive, links to external websites might not work. They were valid at the time they were published but today might no longer exist

See our other website for contemporary coverage of the Music Scene in Leicester.

29th November 2020

Today I am making amendments to this page.

8th October 2018

alphabetical index of pages and posts on this website3

2011. Writers and literature of Leicester (archive page)


Aakash Odedra, “Echoes and I Imagine”, 2015

About this website

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Art Education in Leicester, history of.

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Band Promotion, 2009.

Bands of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Blood Brothers review 2014.

Books and poetry in 2011.

City of the future.

City of Gods.

Contact (how to contact the publishers of this website)

Cosmopolitan carnival 2016.

Curating the old content.

Dance in Leicester.

Frontpage of the magazine in 2013.

Halls and hotels.

Historic buildings from Roman times to 1800.

History of popular music in Leicester (home page).

The king is laid to rest (RichardIII internment) 2015.

King Richard III.

Literature in Leicester, 2011 (Archive page)

Lords of the Flies review 2016

Michael Barker, Leicester artist 2015.

Midnight Wire, Leicester band, review of launch gig in 2011.

The modern architecture of Leicester.

Music. The home page of the music section.

New bands starting up, 2014

New tracks from Leicester bands

Our Day Out theatre review 2016.

Pinafore theatre review 2016.

Rent (the musical) theatre review 2014.

Singers of 2011.

The site started (about when the website began)

Site started

10th October 2017

I started this website blog today. My plan is to publish all the articles that were previously published on the magazine that I edited called – Arts in Leicester.

The articles that appear on this blogsite have all previously been published in the online magazine called Arts in Leicestershire. The magazine was closed and taken offline in 2016. All the content was stored in an archive.

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The domain name now resolves to this site (11/10/18)